Saturday, May 7, 2011

The latest on Moss and Harper

It looks as though Moss has torn her ACL (ligament in knee) and "should" have surgery. We took her up to a Doggie Physical Therapist and he recommended surgery with rehab following.
It's not so much the surgery we are concerned's the rehab. VERY controlled and CONSTANT attention....we may have to way until Fall/Winter when we are a lot less busy around here! She is doing ok though, she limps quite a bit but we are pumping her with lots of nutrition and supplements to keep swelling and inflammation at a minimum.
Harps liked hanging at the Vet....she took her best buddy these days (Olivia the Pig) with her.

These sweet shots were barely captured. This girl is so quick these days I have to have everything at arms length or forget it:)

Harper tries to balance on anything. She walks around constantly on her toes or in Mommy's shoes, especially my heels.

Two of her 20 best buddies, Minnie and Olivia! Although in Harper's lingo it is:

"Min me" and "Olibia"

Other favorites in Harper lingo

Beeooo....Video (she loves to watch her own videos)
Mommy hodee... Mommy hold me (of course this comes at anytime she wants anything)
Smoomee.... Smoothie (hilarious to hear and I make her say it at least 10 times a morning)
Locean....Lotion (the kid is obsessed with this after bath...or anytime really)

These are just some of the sweet sounds I hear on a daily basis or makes me crack up continuously. It is really amazing how funny a 21 month old can really be!

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  1. Really great pictures of our sweet girl!


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