Thursday, August 20, 2009

Harper's First Days

Proud parents postively! We actually had a lot of fun in the hospital. We went in on Saturday night at 10:00PM and Harper Elle was born 2:04 PM on Sunday August 16th. The Terry's made the trip in from Kentucky to greet the arrival for the little peanut. Kelly and Breagal were our photo and film crew. We spent lots of time kissing and holding her, she obviously didn't mind. She passed all her tests and checks with flying colors. A little jaundice set in but no other issues. We watched lots of movies and ate take out. My good friend Brandy was Harper's nurse for the night shift and spoiled her rotten while Bob and I were able to sleep. Bob made a late night run to Dairy Queen for ice cream our last night there and we celebrated with Breagal and Brandy for a mini Bday party for Harper.

We left the hospital on Tuesday and headed home.

We have been settling in at home with lots of naps and great food from our neighbors. We love the support and really appreciate all our neighbors and friends.

We went for a weight check today and she has gained 4 oz in two days, she is back to her birth weight! Pretty good and her Pediatrician is very happy with her progress.

Enjoy the shots.
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  1. I hope that beautiful little baby is treating you well! I can't wait to get down there and meet her! I am still not much fun right now so maybe in 3 or 4 weeks?


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