Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Nursery

So here it is, the nursery is mostly complete! I have had so much fun creating a new little home for Harper and I hope she loves it!
I have taken several naps already in the very comfy eco glider that arrived just a couple weeks ago.

I have to confess, my favorite part has been filling up the closet. Baby clothes have become a way of life for me. This time of year there are all these upscale consignment sales and it has fueled this internal fire I never knew I had. I love a good deal and of course the recycling part of it makes it even better. This is going to be dangerous having a little girl but it certainly is going to be fun.
Enjoy the pictures linked below.
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  1. The nursery goes down as one of the prettiest ever. I keep thinking of you, wondering if Miss Harper has decided to arrive yet. Hate to keep bothering you though!

    Good luck with everything!


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