Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yankees vs Braves

Yes, it is Derrick Jeter and Jorge Posada. Bob went to Atlanta to see the Braves vs Yankees and got some really cool shots of the team. I thought I would post of few for all the Yankees fans that follow my blog so they can be really jealous. Let me see, that would probably be Bob's mom, Bernice, and sis, Stephanie. Yeah...I think that is all I know that actually follow my blog that love the Yankees. If there are any others out there, please stand up and shout it out loud. By the way, there is a comment section that is in desperate need of chatter:0)

Since Bob and I have met, I may have actually watched less than 10 Yankee games...on TV of course. Nine of 10 in the last year. I am officially converted! I like following the team and literally can stay awake through an entire game! I can't wait to catch a live game one day...he keeps promising...so maybe my first game will be Harper's first game. New York here we come!

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