Sunday, July 12, 2009

4 weeks to go

Here is a shot with 4 weeks until the big bash! I visited Dr Storck on July 6th to begin my weekly checkups. Baby Harper is great, her head is down and Momma is round! I am measuring 36 cm...which she tells us is perfect. Wt gain holding at 20lbs and feeling good. I have been swelling in my feet and I have nicknamed the phenomenan "Fred Flintstone." It truly is remarkable when you look down and you don't recognize your toes or ankles, they just look like Fred Flintstones caveman feet. The evening ritual of trying to get comfy in bed is getting harder as well. Bob packs me in like a sub sandwich, then I need to take my vitamin, then I need a book, then I need my heat pad, and after the 5 errands he runs...I usually turn out the light and fall fast asleep.

The nesting instinct is in full force. I haven't been cleaning baseboards or washing windows, but I have been organizing. Those of you who know me well, is this a surprise. Well, it is at it's peak. I have been working diligently on her room and obsessing over everything. I love spending time in there and can't wait until it is complete. I will send out some sneak peeks soon, I know you have been asking for them.

We have completed 4 of 6 of our childbirth classes. We are getting the hang of it...meaning we are trying hypnobabies to coach us through our birth. This class teaches you how to use hypnosis, ie: breathing and relaxation, to cope with pressure during your birthing time. Ryan and Jackie Harry are taking the course with us and we have had a lot fun. We are getting so excited for her birth...we are packing our bags this weekend.

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