Monday, April 5, 2010


Easter weekend was wonderful. My Mom and I hit the garden nurseries in rural Kentucky and stocked up. I'm ready to start planting my flowers, pots, and baskets but most people are laughing hysterically because it is "way to early." Since I have to multi-task like I'm on steroids these days, I figured I would get it done.

My Mom hosted my nephews for their egg hunt and Harper Elle was fast asleep for a much needed nap. After church, my mom and I whipped up a huge feast for the fam. It was delicious, reminiscent of a Thanksgiving feast that's followed by a nice long afternoon nap. No nap, Bob and I headed back to Nashville without the babe. It gets harder and harder to leave her....I cried most of the way home but the next day I picked myself up and got my stuff together. Well sort of, I went to KY on Wednesday to pick her up:)

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