Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yankees in August

I know this post is way over due and there is so much more to the story, but that is pretty much how my world is these days! This trip was made in August to celebrate Bob's Dad's 60th Birthday. Good birthday gift right?!!!

Being in this stadium was breathtaking. Maybe because of the actual physical ability to move myselft around to so many places to get there or how amazing it really is. I am going with the 2nd! Bob, Harp and I made the trip to New York to visit the in-laws and celebrate many birthdays...(it goes Bob's Dad, Harper, Bob's Mom, and me:)... YEAH, Christmas in August right! I coupled the trip with a work meeting and therefore I was on trains, planes, and automobiles the majority of the trip. After all that, I lost my IPod with videos and half my pictures (oh probably 150 or so) and here I am writing this blog entry entirely too late. Life goes on and so did my attitude about the lost material.

Here is what I have and I would recommend anyone to go. This stadium is like what Rupp Arena is to basketball...The Mecca!

P.S. We attended a historical game that day. Three Grand Slams in 1 game!

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