Saturday, October 3, 2009

We've made it to 6 weeks and I'm loving it!

Six weeks is AMAZING! Harper is totally coming to life, I'm starting to exercise, I have cooked Dinner more than once in one week, we slept more hours in one night than I did all last week, and I am almost caught up with my blog:)

A few firsts this week:

Following the mobile and entertaining herself for at least 30 minutes
Follows me or Bob when we walk in front of her. Eye contact and returns smiles when you smile
Slept 7 hours
Slept 8 hours and SHE IS SUCKING HER THUMB!

I'm not really sure what I think about the thumb thing. Well actually, it is her way of soothing herself and I am ecstatic about that...soooo....I think I'm great with the thumb thing.

Need I say anymore about how much I am falling in love with her, each day I get to look at this face is one more day I am so thankful I was put on this Earth for a fabulous reason!

Gram made this adorable hat and many more goodies. I can't wait to post some pics and I'm haven't told her but I think we need to set up a shop on ETSY. This is one of my favorite shops and highly recommend everyone to check it out. BEWARE, you will become addict!

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