Friday, October 2, 2009

Gram and Grandpa Cietek meet Harper

The Cieteks arrived on September 16th, Harper was exactly 1 month old! Gram and Grandpa had a blast with her and she especially loved Grandpa. This was her first smile and first coo to any of us, she really lit up when he had her. I adore this shot and recommend anyone to share this photo. How can you not smile when you look at a photo like this!

Loving the help! We got pictures hung, a mirror hung that has been sitting in my dining room for about a year, enough meatballs to last us until Christmas, plenty of cookies, and Gram crocheted some adorable items for Little Miss. That is one of her many nicknames already!

Their first trip to see her will be memorable for us and them. We are so glad they got to come down, we hope they get to see her often. Until then, lots of emails and LOTS of pictures!

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