Thursday, October 1, 2009

Harper at 3 weeks

Harper is lounging in her lamb chair. We have found she loves this chair, who wouldn't, it vibrates and plays very soothing music. I can't understand why they don't make these for adults! I suppose it would be difficult to put two of these adult size chairs in your bedroom.

But most of the time she prefers lounging with us! I mean you can't spoil a 3 week old can you? or can you:)

Unbelievable how small she really is. I had to capture a shot of the famous flower toes, still looking okay for 4 weeks. Who knows when I get my next pedi!
I love holding her sweet little feet and hands, the cool thing is she grips me right back!

Being submerged into the bath seems to really soothe her, she loves that. The bath also seems to make her very tired, WE love that! The first time we put her in a very warm bath, poo central! Yeah, of course the first time parents empty the entire bath and start all over! It's like you are learning all these normal daily task but through a little persons eyes, I must say, I LOVE it!

After a bath, milkies, and loads of is time to curl up in the chair and take another nap!

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