Monday, October 26, 2009

The Fall

What an amazing week! The weather has been gorgeous so I have been taking Moss and Harper out for daily walks. We stopped for a brief photo by the lake the other day and of course that turned into about a 30 minute ordeal. I'm holding Harper trying to get a few shots with the amazing clouds and Fall foilage and at the same time repeatedly telling my dog to sit and stay in hopes she won't jump in the lake, see another dog, or chase after some bird. If ANYONE saw me, I'm sure they were in stitches or rolling the eyes in disbelief of how crazy moms can be! Mission accomplished, I got a few shots I was going for:)

Friday was great, just like old times. We had our neighbors over for cocktail hour on the patio at Belmonts! You know, my patio that I named after the name of my home, I know, I know, could I get anymore ridiculous sometimes. I popped open this amazing bottle of sparkling wine, it is a white wine by Sophia Coppola.! Tish and I finished the bottle, we actually didn't share it with the guys! I will post the picture for all to indulge.

I ended the weekend on Sunday with one of my besties, Kelly. I headed over to her house in the late morning in hopes of catching up, coffee drinking, indulging in smut (gossip magazines for those of you who think they may be something weird), and drooling over how sweet our babies are! Well, 6 or 7 hours later, we were at The Cheesecake Factory with a couple kids having meltdowns. Kelly and I are trying to shovel food in while she is manhandling Madeline, her 20 month old and I am fumbling under my nursing cover to feed my 10 week old. It was so hysterical, all we could do was laugh. I told Kelly I was pretty sure at least 2 people caught a shot of the "goods" and she replied it was nothing they haven't seen before! Ahh..what good memories we made. After dropping Kelly and Madeline off, I sang that song, "The Things You Do For Love." It has become my theme song!

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  1. She is so precious Jess! LOVE the pics! Can't wait to see you the weekend of the 21st.


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