Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Red Diaper Bag Stories....Blue Dress

So I bought Harper this fabulous dress in hopes of getting a great photo of her at 2 months old. We did have a lot of fun and will get to see the shots soon. Along the way, I had one of my own "firsts".

After the photo shoot, I changed her diaper and stuck the dirty diaper in my quite expensive diaper bag. I splurged on this bag knowing that it would probably turn into my purse. I spent a lot of time shopping for my favorite fashionable diaper bag, it was one of most anticipated purchases. Well mommy readers, do you know where I am going with this? Yes, I left the dirty diaper in my "fashionable,fabulous" bag. When my guests were in town last weekend, I went to the bag to get my nursing cover and there it was...the dirty diaper from the photo shoot! I thought to myself, what a total sleep deprived, multi-tasking, green green green mommy thing to do! I didn't realize the smell would linger as much as it would because when I finally got situated to nurse her.....the nursing cover had this wonderful aroma. This is only the beginning of my diaper stories I'm sure, stay tuned for more exciting moments from "The Red Diaper Bag."

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