Friday, October 2, 2009

Harper at 4 and 5 weeks

One month old already, I can't believe it! I guess that is why I am obviously not missing a moment of it!

My favorite smell is her breathe and skin, it ALWAYS smells delicious!
My favorite sound is her rapid breathing right before she eats, it seems as though she is a tiny bit distressed but excited. Also, the sweet cry that she lets out when it appears she's really annoyed but a little too tired to really cry. Bob and I crack up when we hear it.
My many favorite sights is her cheeks jiggling during her carriage rides, when she sleeps she has the biggest smile, her mouth makes a perfect circle when she poos, and when she sucks on Bob's nose as if it is pacifier before she eats.

One of the oddest things I've learned is how fast she can build up a collection of lint in the crevices of her hands and feet. It makes sense in the feet but the HANDS! I almost freaked the first time I found it in the hands, at 2 weeks old, because I felt like such a horrible mom.

I adore naps like this one, you know she is absolutely exhausted and you can turn the TV up as loud as you want! That is....if there were anything GOOD on TV anymore!

This yellow dress is the outfit I wore on the way home from the hospital when I was born! Fits her perfect, at 5 weeks old!

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  1. She looks just like you and I love she wore your same dress!


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