Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Harper 2 month check up

My little sprout is growing like a weed! She had her two month check up and results are in!

Weight 10lbs 8oz, 55% (this number is where she stands compared to 100 kids her age)
Height 21 1/8 inches, 35% (this number means she is remains short but more plump)

That is the good news, now for the awful part! She got three shots and cried harder than I have yet to see.....and so did I! I personally don't know what I'm going to do the next time around, it's not like I can tell her I'm sorry. All those mommies and daddies out there that have the answer, please write in!


  1. Jessica,
    Harper is SOOOO beautiful!! I am loving watching her grow and change on this blog. Hang in there with the immunizations....I don't think it ever gets easier watching your baby cry, but I love the moment afterwards where my babies have always snuggled up to me as close as possible like I am the most important person in their lives.

  2. Thanks Shelley Belly! Keep sending those awesome pics of your babies.

  3. Hey Jessica,

    Just went through this a couple days ago too. It never gets easier. I had to get both the kids shots at the same time (by myself with them) and I cried as hard as they did. It was not fun but it is actually easier when they are babies like Harper and Finley because there isn't as much of an emotional element to it. Keenan (being two) is so much more aware which makes it that much more difficult. :( Just know every mama is or has felt what you feel. :(


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