Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our first road trip to KY

Harper Elle, Moss, and I headed to Kentucky for our first road trip. Bob went to Louisville to work and we took off to see Nana and Poppie! It was actually a surprise because I didn't know if I was actually ready to attempt a little trip by I said what the hell....let's go! And we did, 2.5 hours later on Monday morning:) Yeah, go ahead and laugh, but I made it with a little bit of confidence left!

Did I mention how excited my parents and family were that we came? My Mom and sis took off work just to hang out with her.....and me of course (yeah right)....on Tuesday! It was great, they totally take care of her and I just relaxed. Quite nice I must say!

My friend Jodi sent me this "amazing" mirror and life became so much better. I hated driving around town wondering if she was still breathing everytime I left the house. At least now I can SEE she stopped breathing! Getting a little more confident about that too.

We made one stop, half way there, and I officially became the person in the car of a gas station that people would say," wonder what that lady is doing with that cape over her and looking down the whole time." That's right, I got to nurse her, very uncomfortably I must say, in the parking lot! I know, my new glamerous life. Who's jealous?

The rest of the time we were on the road, Moss rested her head on my arm rest or my arm. She was so hysterical I had to take these shots! Well, we made it all in one piece and came back home on Wednesday.

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