Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Love

So far, I am completely enjoying Summer. I know, Summer doesn't officially begin until Father's Day but you know me, Mrs. Non-Traditional. Between going to the pool, taking Moss to the park, gardening, and thinking up great recipes with goodies from the Farmer's Market, what more could a girl ask for. Oh yeah, a beautiful baby girl. Harper Elle has really come alive. She is active all hours of the day, morning and night especially. In the middle of the night! Last night marked a milestone, 6 trips to the potty.......I mean if it's not my body preparing me for what is to's just plain mean. I love watching her move around my belly and respond when I push on her hands and feet. I constantly wonder what she looks like, I am so anxious to get one of those 4 D shots but I don't think it is necessary. And besides, it will be so cool to see her in person.

It was really nice to be around home this weekend, what we hoped to be a lazy weekend turned into lots of usual. We kicked off the weekend on Friday with babysitting Cashen and Madeline for a couple of hours, Kelly and Jeff hosted a baby shower so we stepped in to get some practice. It was interesting to see how our normal Friday of pizza and movies turned into..."Bob, what are they going to eat," "Bob, can you go outside and clean the highchair off and bring it inside," "Bob, can you not leave the room because I have to go to the bathroom again," and so on and so on. It was hysterical to see us completely out of our element but I must say we divided and conquered. It was a blast truly, and can't wait to do it again.

Saturday we landscaped...landscaped..well I would say Bob did most of it. It is quite hard for me to bend over a lot at this point. I made pizza....the kind I obsess over that my mother in law makes...and I received the top rating in history. Bob states, "Babe, this is the best pizza you have made." Of course I didn't ask for the comparison to Mom's, I'm just happy with a really really good pizza. Goodness knows it's pretty hard to come by around these southern parts.

Sunday was our first childbirth class. We are taking this class called hypnobabies, a way to learn about how to manage the birthing process through mental pain management or ie "hypnosis." Pretty interesting and I think it is going to be beneficial for me to positively think about childbirth and great for Bob, "my birth partner", and I and our bond through this experience. One of the icebreakers the instructor used was to intro yourself, expected date, and why you chose hypnobabies. I stated my info and finished with, "I've always wanted to give it a shot naturally." When she asked Bob if he had anything to add, he did...he stated," I will be taking the drugs." The entire group lost was hysterical! We have 5 more weeks of be continued.

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