Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mother's Day 09

27Week Check Up. We saw Dr Storck on Friday and I am right on track. Bob and I are starting childbirth classes next month and Dr Storck recommends exploring all options. I hope to try and go natural but we will see after taking this class. We now start going to the doc every two weeks.

Mother's Day weekend was wonderful! Bob and I went to Kentucky to celebrate with Mom Terry. Of course my mom and I went shopping for flowers all Saturday morning and afternoon and the boys golfed. As you can see, we grilled out and played with my new camera in the afternoon. Sunday morning Mom and I sat out in the sun and pretended we were somewhere on the beach. She got to see the baby kicking for the first time and took some shots of my belly. I know it is pretty white, so you may need your sunglasses to view the photos.

I think I'm really going to get use to Mother's day...Bob gave me beautiful diamond earrings to celebrate my entry into motherhood. They are soo special to me and I will never forget receiving them. Oh I hope he continues to spoil me this way...the only thing is..whatever will I do on Father's Day? I'm sure I will think of something.
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