Monday, June 15, 2009

Jaime and Cooper visit

Jaime Costello, one of my oldest friends....I believe we date back to the late 80's, came by this afternoon with her beautiful baby boy Cooper. I don't get to see her often but when I do, it is always like old times. Some things never change and that's what I love about Jaime. She has two boys and is such an amazing mom, of course I pumped her for all the good advice I could. She was in town visiting family and stopped by to see me, my belly, and the nursery. Well she got two out of three because I still have so much work to do in the nursery..but it is coming along. Great to see you Jaim, hopefully we will get our 15 year reunion going this year. Did I say that out loud, ok, yeah 15 years....but you know, I actually like life with each year it continues. Cheers to old friends and new memories.

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