Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Aunt Linda hosts a baby shower

My Aunt Linda, one of my mom's 9 sisters, hosted a baby shower for me this weekend. June 6, 2009. It was completely traditional, including games and great family fun. I loved it. All my aunt's, but one, and several cousins made it for the party. I received lots of parenting advice...thank goodness because I will need it...and plenty of reasons to spoil her.

My favorite advice was from my Aunt Carol who suggested, "to never let her cry." Let's just say my family is big on babies, I guess there would never be a reason for her to cry with that many arms around to hold her.

One of the most special gifts was from my mom. She gave me a blanket that my grandmother had made for me, she has since passed, when I was born and my mom had a blanket made for Harper Elle with her name engraved on it. It was so so special and will cherish the blankets. I can't wait to place them in her nursery.

Thanks to all my family for a wonderful shower and all the gifts. I love the time we had together.

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