Monday, February 1, 2010


It's true....your house really does turn into "Plasticville" once you have a baby! I'm not sure if all the plastic goodies bother me more because it's really not what I picked to coordinate with the decor or my obsession with trying to find "affordable" organic toys that don't contain the wonderful toxins that plastics leech. Either way, I'm not going to win. And bottom line...Harper is loving all of them. Happy baby, happy Mommy:) I do love this exersaucer that I found her. It has a garden theme which I love all the colors and there are really so many things for her to do that it keeps her busy for a little while at least.

Moss loves it because she can lick Harper anyyyyytime she wants:)

YES, you saw it here first! She is sitting alone. A little support when she starts leaning to one side but she can hang for awhile.

This is one of my favorite parts of the day. When complete peacefulness comes over her and I get to sit and stare at her. I love her tiny quick breathes and her congested snorts during her naps. Her hands always seem to find each other no matter what she is doing. Usually they are intermingled and gripping tightly.

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