Thursday, February 4, 2010

Made it to Grandma's!

We made to NY safe and sound.
Her first ride in the air! And it went well! She sat VIP seat of course, Mommy in the middle, and Daddy on the outside. I think her most exciting part of the trip was the loud lady's voice that came out of nowhere, she would look up with this puzzled look on her face and then go back to playing.

Look what Grandma made! This hat and scarf is too precious for words and it fits PERFECT!
Lovely Darling, Lovely. Thanks Grandma:)

Harper loves Grandpa's mustache, she cozied up to him as soon as we got in the house!


  1. Have to know where you got that adorable black and white butterfly outfit! Dying...I love it!

  2. I got it at GAP, is it not adorable!


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