Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Home from Grandma's

What a warm welcome we received for Harper Elle in the cold state of New York. She met roughly 30 new friends and family and had a blast. So many showered her with gifts and Grandma, Auntie Steph and Grandpa could not get enough hugs and kisses. They asked if she could stay there due to our endless issues with our Sunday flight cancellations and nervous energy about our travels home. The huge snow storm that swept through Baltimore on Saturday caused our Sunday flight to be delayed and cancelled four different times. After 9 hours of travel on Sunday, we arrived home safe, sound, and sane:) She was such a good girl and we all snuggled in for some R&R.

It was so nice to spend so much time with Harper this week. I got to see both of her teeth come in, watch her sit up and playing independantly, and start eating sweet potatoes and carrots.
She LOVES her new food and attacks the spoon. She watches me prepare her meals from across the room and starts the rapid breathing and kicking her legs like a little puppy dog after a bone.

(My husband Bob, Aunt Monique, Grandma Cietek, Cousin Vincenza, Auntie Steph, Grandpa Cietek, Me)


  1. Oh Harper and Finley are gonna be fast friends and lovers of food together! So glad you have a good eater too!

    The collage was done on Picasso (I love Picasso) that is why I am able to post so many blog posts, it just does it basically for you as soon as you put pics on your computer.

    Im praying for your friend this morning. Im so sorry!

    Let's try to get together sometime. Halie

  2. Thanks Halie, I appreciate your prayers:)


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