Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TWO Teeth

Harper Elle is getting her first tooth, I'm sorry first teeth! The first one broke through on Monday and the second showed up today. Both on bottom and just in time for our first plane ride to NY! We leave tomorrow so we got a quick visit in with the doc today. She has been so congested, coughing, cranky, not sleeping well, and clearly not maxing out on the bottles. Doc says all is relatively fine, just a cold, continue with humidifier, let her cry it out at night, and the babe is really ready for some veggies! Ok, so it was a relief to hear all is fine for the most part, but how is this all going to go down tonight? Stay tuned.

She is absolutely hysterical when she eats, it is totally my favorite part of the day. She sees the bowl sitting next to her little bumbo chair and starts opening her mouth. Once you get the spoon loaded up with the goods, she lunges forward so forceful that her chin is almost parallel with a little fat thighs. I HAVE to catch this on video....did anyone invent those extra set of arms that all moms need yet?

All of the drooling, crying, and sticking everything in her mouth is all making sense. It's like it comes out of nowhere and you contemplate everything it could be. Then that little tooth pops through and you thank your lucky stars she's not allergic to you!

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