Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We are eating Mommy's homemade food, yummy!

My girl is loving the squash, sweet taters (as they say in the South), and carrots. I made a ton of it this weekend and had a blast. It's sooo easy and love the money I am saving so you know, to buy more cute clothes.

I love this shot of her, it's like the new and improved Gerber baby, right?!

Her 6 month check up went well, she weighs 17# and in the 80% for weight....sooo healthy:) Her height is above the 50%, the doc thought we (the shorties, Bob and I) would be so glad to see that. We were.
Her babbling is right on track with Dada and Momma coming out more and more.....of course we do a great job encouraging it oh about 20-30 times a day. She is sitting up by herself, starting to take her sip cup, and laughs all the time.

It's good it's good to be Harper's Mommy, that's my new name you know. In case no one every told you, once you have kids.....your identity takes on a whole new role of non-existence. The good thing is, you could care less:) Bob and I absolutely love it and really can't imagine life without our little chicken head.


  1. Making all of Kate's food was my favorite thing about this stage of childhood. I just organized all that stuff last weekend in preparation to do it all again in a few months :) Enjoy!

    Love the teeth. It is amazing how different they start looking with teeth. Needless to say, Harper is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Ah Whit, thanks. I am really enjoying making the food of course! I bet you are getting so excited to meet Jake!!! Can't wait to meet him.


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