Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mini Milestones Everyday

Harper has blossomed so much over the last month. She took her first steps when she turned 11 months old and by her 1st birthday, she is practically running when she doesn't bobble over and fall with reckless abandon. Yesterday, I asked her if she wanted to eat and she held her hand up to her mouth and signed to me "Eat". I was thrilled because the one and only sign she uses is "all done". We work on "more" all the time but she basically just screams! Also, Grandma Cietek and Aunt Mo "Miny" came in town for the weekend yesterday and she expressed her ability to shake her head NO, for the first her GRANDMA! Not what I was hoping for for a first in the milestone category but it has been quite funny watching her explore her new form of communication today.

The morning after her birthday I found her in her "toy store", as her G-Aunt Miny calls it, hugging one of her baby dolls. So sweet and I was so glad she wasn't throwing her across the room! I fixed a room for all her toys and books in the front of the house but really all she wants is Moss' toys in the other room. Go figure, but it is wonderful to see her exploring and learning. She also loves to bring you a book and plop right down in your lap so you can read it to her...of course jumping up less than a minute later and moving onto the next project. Told you that's why I love rocking her to sleep at night! It always last more than a minute!:)

Oh, PS, the best milestone. She gives the BEST hugs lately. Like the kind you know she means it with her generous mouth open coming at you with a larger than life smile, arms wide open, and falls into your arms!

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