Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Harper Elle 11 months

Morning Hair

Our sweet girl is rocking our world. This is the best way to describe the last several weeks. Since vacation, Harper has changed almost daily and I don't feel like I can keep up. She has been sick with bronchialitis and her 5th ear infection. Honestly, you would never know when the kid has an ear infection, but the other can we very scary. She stood up and took her first step on July 16th, the day she turned 11 months. The next week, 2 and 3 more steps. I can officially say that yesterday, August 3rd, she is sort of, almost, actually WALKING. There it's out, I am really struggling with this whole growing up thing.
Afternoon Fun

Her mannerisms are the same but magnified. When we go to bed at night, she still sucks her thumb as I rock her to sleep. But now, she claps her hands together for awhile and laughs as her tiny exhausted face drifts off to sleep. It is my absolute favorite time of the day now, it is our peaceful time together. Whoever said you can hold your child too much probably had at least 20 kids climbing on them everyday. She is so active now, I soak up all the lap time I can get. She is biting at daycare but MAYBE because she is getting 6 teeth at once. In the last 2 weeks, she has cut her top molars and another bottom tooth, this week she is working on the bottom molars and another bottom tooth. Bob asked me the other day if she was going to get kicked out of daycare, and I really didn't know how to respond. I asked Ms. Sarah and she smiles ever so sweet and said of course know...she's not the ONLY biter in here. Wheewww, we are good, our babe is normal.
Uncle Breags Wants Her to Grow So Fast
On the weekends we are hustle and bustle, trying to check off all of the things that do not seem to get done during the weekend. Harper loves to go to the Farmer's Market, grocery, restaurants, okay just about anywhere there is food. She is such a great eater, anything from eggplant to spaghetti, she digs in. She has learned to scream, AS LOUD AS SHE CAN, when we are preparing her meals. I am trying to teach her to sign and say "MORE", but it has not worked yet. She feeds herself and when she really likes what she is eating it almost sounds like a little chipmunk munching down on all the little treasures he has found. Her TEETH, which she has 9 at this point, are put to great use.

Painting Day at School

I don't know where to begin talking about her daily activities at school. Each day I get to pick
her up is some new story that inevitably makes my eyes bug a bit, giggle, and shake my head. Harper loves
all the other kids so much, she bites them.....and her teacher! When the other kids are crying, she crawls
over and hands them a toy, particularly a duck, and when they are finished she takes it back. Loves
going outside and pushes the extra large carts around because she thinks she's so big. But the best
part is when you walk through the door to pick her up and she can't crawl fast enough to see you.
Ahhhhh, it's like my friend says, "a little piece of Christmas everyday."

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  1. Ahhhh! She's walking?? I can't believe this! I can't believe you didn't spread that amazing news when we were talking last night! You have some AMAZING photos of that beautiful girl Jess!


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