Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kentucky Pool Party in July

Sam John Riley William, little boys love cupcakes!

Whitney, one of my many girlfriends from college, hosted a pool party and Harper and I attended last Saturday......the last day of July. The summer seems to be flying by and so does my time with my friends. We went up Saturday morning and trucked around Louisville seeing new homes, new babies, and ended the day with a new pool party adventure with Harper. She is quite wiggly these days and such a Momma's girl. All the other Dad's and Mom's tried to relieve me but she wasn't having it!

Kate, little girls love them more!

I had a blast catching up with everyone, the times when I could finish a conversation with someone. The thing is, when you are with such good friends, the fact of just being with each other is the best part. We have been friends for a long time and now we have 12 kids between the 7 of how times have changed! I suppose evolve is a better word, my friends are great friends, good people, and a whole lot of crazy fun. Now, they are all of that but just add GREAT MOM's. It's actually really cool and the best chapter in our lives so far.

Sarah Jennifer Lucy Whitney Michelle
April ME!

After I got home on Sunday, I told Bob I felt very tired and I thought I needed to lay down for a few minutes. Three hours later, I woke up in a complete fog. Needless to say, it's the most rewarding but hardest work you will ever do. Yes, parenting is what I'm talking about, well actually single parenting I should say. It really makes you appreciate your side kick and I have a really good one.

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  1. First and foremost Jess, thank you for taking the time to make the trip to Louisville with Harper. It was great to have everyone together, even if for less than 24 hours! The pictures are priceless.

    Thank you also for this past Saturday. I enjoyed hanging out on Saturday morning/afternoon...kid free! I miss you!

    Enjoy all the upcoming celebrations in honor of Harper's 1st birthday. I wish we could make the trip back down but we have prior obligations. Maybe we can plan another weekend soon.



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