Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Big 1 Bash

The party was a hit and we all had a blast. I suppose 20 families or more came to the house yesterday to celebrate Harper's first birthday! She enjoyed her gifts, undecided about all the attention, and loved her cake.
I must say, I think my gift won favorite of the day!! Bob and I gave her a wheely bug, bumble design, and she absolutely loved it. She really didn't want to get off of it but found time to see a few of the other gifts and friends that came to see her.
The cakes were amazing! Jessica Mobley at Cake-ology in Franklin designed and made these beautiful cakes, Harper Elle especially loved the chocolate posie flower on her cake! She picked up the posie and began licking the chocolate like she knew exactly what she was eating!
She played hard, the guest played harder, and Mom and Dad thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We love and thank all of our friends and family for traveling, devoting their precious time and energy, and making it one of the most memorable parties I have ever been to. I suppose I'm a little partial. But when a 6 year old left the party she screams, "this was the best birthday party." And when a 36 year left the party he states, "this was the best party." I thought to myself, mission accomplished! Whewww, I only have two words. AMAZING and EXHAUSTED!

All photos courtesy of Angela Bowden and Will Zuill. They are my talented and generous friends who made the party so stress free for me.......why?.....because I wasn't busy taking the 1,000 photos I normally would. THANKS SO MUCH!

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