Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy 1 year Birthday Harper Elle

At 6:00AM, Bob and I greeted Harper with a huge birthday hug. I can't believe a year ago we were in the hospital waiting for her to arrive. She is full of energy, life, and spunk. Her tutu fits her and these shots are her normal morning routine with a little flare.
Squeezing the tutu in the car seat gave me flash forwards of dress up, dance recitals and drama, drama, drama:)
Playing at school, I plan to drop by with cupcakes later.
Whenever I put the tutu on this morning, she started swishing it back and forth.


  1. So darn cute I can hardly stand it! Happy birthday Harper! We love you!

    I hope she got Kate's text this morning!

  2. Hey yeah! Thanks for the birthday wishes and we LOVED the necklace. She will totally appreciate later:)


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