Sunday, August 8, 2010

April's Baby Shower, and this makes lucky 13!

April Nodine, 6 months preggers with only 3 to go!
Doesn't she look amazing!

Baby showers are soo fun, especially when it involves pedicures, sangria, and great friends. April Nodine, one of my besties, was hosted in Nashville yesterday for a baby shower. Michelle Corley and I were ready to plan a big bash but April insisted on intimate. We started out at Venetian Nail Spa for a little pampering then over to The Cheesecake Factory for indulgence. She got lots of goodies from all of us and plenty of laughter for baby boy Nodine to get in some exercise. We decided this is the best way to celebrate a new baby, forget the balloons, silly shower games that either embarrass or stress out the mom to be, and ridiculous nursery rhyme games that no one in our generation knows! I'm not trying to knock traditional but let's face it, wouldn't you like a kid free day and cocktail?...hmmmm:) Out of all my college buddies, this will be baby 13, that's why it took us sooo long to figure out the secret of a stress free Par-tay!
Breags and Kelly

Breags and Kelly's Pampered Toes

Michelle Corley Brian Breagel Kelly Crowe Momma: April Nodine Whitney Mardis
Rondalyn (April's Sister) and Me


  1. ahahaha! I am cracking up at Breagel's toes! He is such a mess! It looks like you guys had a great day!

  2. What a great baby shower! We did the same thing recently and it is my new fav. kind of shower giving. Relaxing - and stress free!!!


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