Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas again and again

Christmas In Kentucky

New Year's Weekend we headed to KY for Christmas with the Terry's!

We went up the weekend before for Christmas with the Qualls family (my Mom's side of the family that is up to about 75 plus people...12 brothers and sisters) and Harper was officially introduced to EVERYONE. She sat on my lap, or E Lee's (my sister Lee Ann) almost the entire afternoon. Therefore I didn't take a single picture!

Here are the shots from one hysterical family Christmas. I bought my nephews a practical joke kit and I wished I would have done this years ago. We had so much fun during our marathon gift opening that I may have found a new annual gift idea for these boys. As they get older, it is a bit harder to surprise them with something they actually like.

Harper powered through all her gifts like a pro. One of her favs were her baby sisters! She opened a box of twin baby girls and shouted,
"Baby Sisters! I love you!"
My Mom and I looked at each other and cracked up in laughter!
Well maybe I'm off the hook for awhile:)

My Nephew Baylen is so OLD......16 Years exactly!

This observation is clearly a better reflection of how I am feeling but that is the reality. He is so adorable as a very new driver/mini adult. He is such a good brother and loves his family...I am so proud of him! He is also 6'4" and I got to see one of his basketball games at my old high school over the holidays!

Ok ok, that is why I am feeling so old. Going back to that gym and seeing the gym lit up like it was (18 years ago) was nothing like it was 18 years ago! The kids look like babies and the rattle of the crowd was lack luster.
I don't know why but I do feel this way about many things as an adult. Things do not appear the same through your older and wiser eyes as they were through your young nieve ones.
Either way, I like being there and look forward to seeing Baylen and Benjamin have their experiences!

Baylen and Benjamin

Dinner was planned for some of our old favorites and it ended up as a disaster really. We have no idea what happened but we decided to scrap it and move on to the good stuff!

Nana's Gift Extravaganza!:)

We have always given her a hard time about how many gifts the kiddos get but it is her true generous heart that keeps on giving no matter what we say.
There is a stocking for all to continue that Santa spirit for children and adults alike!

Since the Dinner really didn't hold us over...Harper busted out an apple during Nana's Gift Extravaganza and filled her craving. I love this kid and how much she eats....I'm sure you have already picked up on that!

My Dad is a wood worker and every year makes a "piece" at Christmas for my sister and I for about......7-10 years! Not sure now but I am planning a better display of his work in my home... somewhere!
Being in the wood and farming industry for over 40 years, he is an expert on wood and finding the rarest pieces.
This is a candle holder made of Boxed Elder and is truly more beautiful in person but I had to show it off!

Seconds anyone!

The Terry Family

So my Dad's side of the family (The Terry's constitute about the same or a few less than my Mom's family....about Dad is one of 6) brought lots of old familiar faces as well. I will say, being with both sides of my family does actually keep me young because I am the baby on one side and closer to it on the other!

On a more important note, the one thing I loved about being with both of my families was the constant that you may sometimes miss in your life. It brought to me the very memorable feeling of constant, unconditional love. I have been lucky to have both sides of my family that could provide enough love for the next 3 generations!

The Terry's

My Dad and his Siblings
My Sis and My favorite Cuz, Christopher!
My Dad, Poppie, and his oldest sister Alvaleen. Looking at her is like seeing my Granny Orine and I love that everytime I get to see her!


  1. I hate that I missed Terry Christmas! I am so going to make it next year!

  2. Her quotes and facial expressions are PRICELESS! I cannot get enough of her sweet smile.


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