Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mommy's Bad Week in February

This pic is of Harper in her seat on the way to the airport to drop Mommy off:0(

So this week I am speaking of has finally come and is now OVER. My national work meeting was the last week of February and I had been dreading it since I came back to work. A week in Orlando in February, sounds good right? Well here is the not so good part. Being away from Harper for a week was not on my list for 2010 but since there was no way to get around it, I tried to think of it as a way to get some me time, catch up tons of reading and relaxing. Ummm, well no no and did I mention no!

I became very sick with a stomach virus on Sunday, my day of departure, and didn't feel normal until Wednesday. Unfortunately, my entire family got sick except for the baby.....THANK GOODNESS. I was already stressed out, that's the last thing I needed or her of course. There was no downtime at this meeting or anytime to be sick, physically or homesick. It was so cold and rainy I couldn't believe we were in Florida, and my view from my window sat directly on top of the 1st hole tee box of this ridiculously manicured golf course. What a tease I tell you, a new mom who loves to golf that hasn't stepped foot on the course since last Spring. Ughhh, it sounds as though I'm just whining and that I am. I needed to find everything wrong so I didn't have to focus on the babe.

So I pushed through the week and yes of course, I survived, just like all the rest of the mommies do in the world. But, I have one thing to say that sums it up..... it sucked. Pardon my French, but there is really no better way to get my message across. On my plane ride home, I'm sure I had a perma grin on the entire time, you know the one when you have when you are half excited to get to your destination and the other half of pure exhaustion. I bought Harper Elle a little Minnie Mouse doll as a suvi but I thought to myself, "why would I possibly want to have a momento of this trip?" And then I realized it will remind of how strong we have to be when we cannot get what we want. The facts of life.... you take the good and take the bad. (Don't think I'm getting too serious, I stole this from that old show in the 80's...20 plus years later it is all making sense)

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