Saturday, March 20, 2010

Planting the Garden

My friend Beth and I are sharing a garden plot this year. Right behind my neighborhood, are free and gorgeous garden plots provided by the town of Thompson's Station. There are over 50 plots and it is a true effort to support the community in providing local produce for their family and learning opportunities for the whole fam. I'm sure Harper Elle will be out here next year digging around in the dirt.

We planted cool season veggies today and warm season veggies, fruits and flowers over the next couple months. We went to the CO-OP early this morning and went nuts on scooping up one of everything, then we realized we have NO IDEA what all this stuff is going to do.
So we bombarded the helpful farmer working behind the counter into giving us a bit of guidance on exactly what we are getting ourselves into. For now, we have onions, potatoes, leaf lettuce, arugula, head lettuce, radish, and broccoli (my personal favorite). I'm really excited to see what all we get. Last year I really couldn't commit to a garden due to the baby bump but not this year.

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