Saturday, March 20, 2010

The babe is sick:(

The babe is sick, her first ear infection. She's had a temp since yesterday and this morning while I was out galavanting around the CO-OP, I got the very concerned call from Daddy requesting my assistance at home. When I got home she was a little blue around the lips and hands and shaking a bit. We took her to the doc and one prescription later, I have to give her the first medicine she has had:( Not big on meds, but we will give it a shot. Sleeping tight as I type, Bobby and I are watching the CATS beat Wake Forest.


  1. Hate to hear little Harper is sick with her 1st ear infection. Hopefully she will get better soon. Still can't believe how big she is getting. Love to catch up on the pictures each week...she is too precious and so loved.

  2. Awww, Jess, I know that it must be terrible to watch your babe feel badly! I hope she feels better soon! Let me know if you need anything!


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