Saturday, March 6, 2010

Grandparents to the rescue

Grandma and Grandpa Cietek came down while I flew out to Orlando. They were such a big help to Bob and I and they absolutely adored their week with Harper Elle. It gets harder and harder to leave her each time but I'm hoping they come back really soon, I know Harper is missing them. I am missing the pizza already, luckily when I got home from my trip....that's the first thing I got to eat. Ooooh so good....can I add come back really really soon:)

Kisses and hugs, hugs and kisses.

Now, do any of you believe she went without anything that week? That's right, No! Doesn't the description of a grandparent duties go something like this.... to hug and squeeze them every 5 minutes, between each five minutes say something silly and make funny faces, next hold them for their entire nap fixing their hair and smelling their skin, then hold them while they eat the meals, and hold them while they are playing again every five minutes kissing and squeezing their cheeks. Grandparents are the perfect kid candy!

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