Monday, January 25, 2010

My Girls and Great Memories

My girlfriends and I got together the weekend of the 21st! We had a "sprinkle" for Baby Boy Mardis that is due in March. We all met in college, for those of you who don't know, we are Kentucky girls...YES, UK grads! And we have been buds for more than 10 years now! So many trips, weddings, babies, and soooo many memories, we love making more and more memories and there was nothing different about this weekend.

I went up on Friday evening to spend time with everyone and stayed with Jennifer. We had chopped salad and bourbon. Or maybe the other way around. Either way, I'm not sure I knew what to do with myself without my hubby and baby girl. YES, it was a FIRST for Mommy Cietek.....Harper Elle had her first weekend getaway to Nana's. Nana practically begged me for her and let me tell you...the girls were not happy about it. And I was not happy about my headache on Saturday morning:) Oh well, the good thing about being a new Mom, you totally conform to sleep deprivation like a champ.

It was a blast as usual and I cherish our time together more than ever. Never change girls, I love you way too much!

Whitney Mardis
expecting Baby Boy Mardis in March with big sis Kate at home

L to R clockwise: Whitney
Kelly Crowe, mommy of Cashen and Madeline and one stressed out business woman with a new job
Sarah Clements, new mom second time around of Sam and Stella and first week back to work

Whitney, Kelly,
Michele Barber, mommy of William and Whitney and one brave kindergarten teacher

April Nodine, the newest bride of the bunch and NO mommy bags under her eyes
Jennifer Kaufman, mommy of John Riley and Lucy playing hostess to the roudy bunch

I try and try to think of words to describe this crew and really the best way to say it...


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