Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Harper puts Mommy to bed

For those of you that gasp at the sound of babies sleeping along side actual human beings...you may want to stop reading now.

For those of you still with me, I have to tell you this story. Last night Harper put Mommy to bed. Bob had to travel to Boston yesterday and it was just the girls at home, Moss, Harper and I. About 9:30, after her last feeding, I spread out her blankie on three quarters of the bed and snuggled in for our so far traditional slumber party while Daddy is away. Harper didn't seem toooo sleepy but Mommy definitely was. Lately, I can lay her down and she soothes herself to sleep with Mr. Ceiling Fan and of course her bestie...The Thumb! I turned out the lights and left the TV on. I began to dose but Harper kept all eyes on Mommy. As the lights would dim during a TV show or parts of a commercial, her eyes would grow to the size of golf balls...showing the whites around her entire pupil. If you have been paying attention, her eyes are gigantic and it's sometimes rare to see the whites! So it started to freak me out and make me laugh so hard at the same time. With her hand barely in her mouth, she would giggle as I would laugh and shake the bed.

This will be filed away as one of my favorites so far.

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