Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Harper Elle's first day

So she survived...as for me...that is another story. Harper Elle and Ms. Amy met on Monday and had an interesting afternoon together. Let' s put it this way, when I went to pick her up she had large bright red circles around her sweet tired eyes. She had a bit of a rough time which had me overwhelmed with guilt.

Today, we tried a full day. Bob and I dropped her off and I'm sure reeked of new parent eagerness of wanting their kid to do okay and fit in with all the other "perfectly happy" babies. We took her in and the minute Ms. Amy said hello, the bottom lip turned down and out came her greeting. I took her out of her car seat and sat her in front of her new friends Kara, Anna, and McKayla. She loves looking at the other kids and for a second I was actually having a good time and the giant blanket of guilt was folded up in the corner. We snuggled her in a swing and she began to drift sucking her thumb and holding her blanket. When we arrived this afternoon, she was happy in her bouncy seat and chillin with all the "perfectly happy" babies. As I read her report card, I quickly learned she had a major meltdown after we left and refused a feeding. Just so you know, she has never refused a feeding if you couldn't tell by my last post's picture. Upon leaving, I unfolded the guilt blanket and wrapped myself as if I were preparing for a snowstorm...I guess in a way I am.....

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