Sunday, November 8, 2009

Harper 12 weeks and starting Daycare tomorrow:(

Today Harper turned 12 weeks old and I can't believe my maternity leave is one week shy of coming to an end. It has been such an amazing experience and my little bambino and I have truly bonded. I am taking her to her Daycare this week for a couple of days to begin the adjustment. I have no idea how I feel about this so I will just have to blog about the experience as it comes.

As for her, she is FABULOUS. Can't you tell? She is weighing in at 13# 8oz today! She is sleeping through the night, 8-9 hours, if we would let her. She is sleeping upstairs in her crib and Bob and I are trying to get sleep ourselves. Each sound and movement stirs up the insecurities and away we go upstairs. Nine out of ten times, she is sleeping or sucking her thumb. As far as development, she surprises us each day. She is following us across the room by hearing our voice, tracks a ceiling fan from a mile away, LOVES the swing (and so do we:), cooing and laughing often and loud, stands up constantly and does NOT want to be held in the old fashioned baby hold, and holds on to Mom and Daddy as if she is saying "I love you to." Ahhh....mazing is what it is!

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