Monday, April 27, 2009

Kentucky Weekend April 17-19th

Bob and I headed to Kentucky for the weekend.

On Friday, my Mom and I shopped with my sister at our favorite garden store! It is one of my favorite times of the year, planning my gardens! I bought a ton of flowers and herbs and can't wait to plant them! After golfing, my Dad decided to saute some "land fish" or mushrooms if you will. This is one of the few times of the year you can find these mushrooms and my Dad demanded we try them. So at 9:30 PM, he prepares these very special mushrooms. They were really good, but we are still not sure what type of mushrooms they really are. I am still analyzing....if you have any thoughts please let me know. Obviously you will have to check the pictures.

Of course Moss loves going to Kentucky, she runs like crazy the entire time we are there! You can see her shots of how excited she is to arrive and of course how tired she is when we leave!

Saturday Mom and I headed to Lexington to spend some time with my aunts and cousins. We stayed with my Aunt Linda and visited with several others. My family is so fun and there are always a ton of laughs!!! I retired to bed about 11:45 but they stayed up until 2:30 playing poker! No worries, I'll be back to myself in no time!

Many thanks to Linda for hosting us and of course getting me Grater's Ice Cream!!!! I have been craving this ice cream and you can't get it anywhere in Tennessee! Mint Chocolate Chip of course, I actually brought back a pint of it so I can have a little each day:)
We had a blast and can't wait to return.

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