Saturday, December 19, 2009

What goes around comes around

I hope you think this story is as funny as I do!

Last Saturday, our neighbors Tish and Brent had us over for Dinner and cocktails. Well, once Harper was all partied out, I took her home and put her down. I snuggled into my jammies, started reading an US Weekly and watching a John Mayer concert on TV. I was thoroughly enjoying my Saturday night. Bob stayed over at the neighbors for awhile and then came in to announce he and Brent were going to string lights from one of our other friendly neighbor's home to another across the street for a practical joke. UMMM, OK, if that is what you want to do with your Saturday night...fine by me...I'm staying here with some yummy blankets and I'm sure some dessert to top off the night!

Well, they did and then the next morning Bob went out to clean up his mess and commented that he didn't think our neighbor liked it that much! Oh well, we thought he was a good timer but maybe we were wrong!

So last night, Bob went to the front porch to turn off our Christmas lights on our Charlie Brown least that's what our neighbors call them. When he came back in, he mentioned that one tree's light were out and we would need to pick up some more to replace them, ok fine.

This morning, I go out side to let Moss out and THERE was the reason for the lights being out. Lovely, tacky Christmas decor strung very tasteful in our entry! I LOL'ed hysterically all by myself and wondered if any culprits were peaking out their window! I really hope you notice that in the picture that one tree is lit and the other is not!

Good timer my bootie, he is a professional....or she!

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  1. Your retelling of this story made me laugh out loud. I love it. I wish I could have been hiding in the bushes to see the look on your face!! lol


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