Saturday, December 19, 2009

Harper 4 months December 16

Harper turned 4 months old on December 16th. Crazy how time flies. She is tons of fun and I mean TONS of fun. She weighs 14 pounds and 12 ounces! Super healthy and doc says right on track. She is a ham already, charming the pants off the ladies at daycare that's for sure. She is rolling over, following Mommy and Daddy wherever we go, likes looking at Moss, and loves when I use the suction bulb to clean out those icky boogies! I suppose it tickles.

We have finally adjusted to somewhat of a routine and loving that she is sleeping well. Even though we eat dinner with the blue hairs, fall asleep during 8:30 PM movies, and get totally excited when you wake up in the morning when it is still dark and find it's 6:15! That makes me want to kiss somebody.....but I don't with that morning breathe:{ Ok, I totally kiss Harper like crazy when I get her up but she doesn't know yet, right?

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