Saturday, May 2, 2009

Last Day in Charleston

Our final day in Charleston we just wanted to stroll through the city. We had to start off with more low country cuisine and Poogan's Porch was the place to go. The biscuits and fried chicken are to die for. Really, you must go there when in Charleston.

We walked along The Battery and Rainbow Row, I mean, these homes are jaw dropping. Along our adventure we were approached by a woman and her little girl, she introduces herself and begins on insisting we visit all her favorite landmarks. As we are trying to politely take her suggestions, her massive arms surround my belly and continue to move around like I'm getting an ultrasound. "Yes, I think it is a girl," she states. Bob and I just looked wide eyed at each other and thank her for her suggestions. Walking away he says to me, "You just got felt up my a mom." And my response was, "I know," Like still so confused and shocked. Funny hugh, the way people respond to you during pregnancy is one I have never experienced and certainly will never forget.

We strolled through Art Galleries and finished our afternoon off with some local ice cream from Kilwin's.
We went back to the hotel to catch a snooze and watched the Yankees vs Red Sox. Unfortunately the Yankees lost, it is really unfortunate for me because Bob might be their number fan.

And to wrap up our getaway we dined at Mercato's, an Italian place really close to our hotel. Bambino Cietek was dancing to the Jazz music and she did not keep moving the entire time the band played. Since she was having such a great time, we went out for a night cap at Henry's, great music and perfect romantic setting.

We loved it, loved it, loved it and hope we sold you on it! We plan to return very soon.

Flowers, particulary Jasmine, it grows EVERYWHERE
Food: She Crab Soup, Fried Chicken/Shrimp, Biscuits

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  1. Hey girlie! LOVE the pics from your vacation. You look beautiful as I knew you would. Don't you love the belly?

    I can't wait to see you in a few weeks. Ryan, Kate and I are all looking forward to spending some time at the Cietek household!


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