Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy Bob

Even though Bob didn't get to play golf in Charleston, he was still very spoiled on his birthday! Thirty six years the world has been blessed by the presence of Robert Micheal Cietek Jr and a little over 10 of that has been all mine. Each birthday gets more and more fun to celebrate and at least now I know exactly what to buy him! For years I have struggled to find the right gifts to smack that perfect "oh boy I love this" grin right on his face. Today, I got it!

His quote from Facebook reads, "Thanks for all my birthday wishes....my wonderful wife bought me some new clubs, a new book about yankee stadium from the daughter, and a day on the course...great birthday!" Yes, I got it right!!!! Although he didn't mention his other quote after my last minute no thought Dinner (but btw was so good..smoked chili hamburger mac and cheese) and stinkin delicious dessert Harper Elle and I picked out and unfortunately I had to make myself. He gasps and says, "You know you have had a good meal when you are as stuffed as I am." I didn't MAKE him eat four squares of the brownie cookie thingy I made smothered in fancy fancy vanilla ice cream. I feel just fine!

I'm glad you had a great day honey! You deserve it and you deserve all the love in the world.

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